Reading the NewsTrib (last Friday) there are two articles on candidates in our area taken off ballots for petition violations.

In the 8 years I have lived in the IV I have never heard of a single issue with a petition that has been brought up. I have to wonder the costs to Oglesby and Peru for these proceedings. Who do these proceedings benefit? Who is making the decisions?

Peru: Aaron Buffo admits not numbering pages. He doesn’t get assistance from clerk on this error. Alderman Potthoff doesn’t submit the proper paperwork for an appeal on his petition, gets help from the clerk? So the long time Alderman gets preferential treatment? Who does this benefit? Alderman Potthoff because now Aaron is off the ballot? Peru hires outside lawyers for this when they have a city attorney. What is the cost to the city? Why does Alderman Potthoff not want to have competition for an elected position? This type of election maneuvering I expect in big cities but here in the IV is beyond words. I am not a Peru resident but if I were I would write down Aaron’s name as a write in candidate.

Oglesby: Tom Porter objects to Jim Cullinan petition because it wasn’t bound correctly. In the past the clerks office has notarized petitions but did not in this instance. If you have set precedent by doing it before why should you not do it now? What is the cost of these proceedings to Oglesby? This is going to La Salle County Court now with additional costs. Cullinan will most likely go as a write-in candidate.

In both instances these candidates did not do it to the letter of the law. I understand that. But when did “dirty” politics become a common occurrence in our area? Maybe Potthoff and Porter would be better served teaching out to their constituents and running on their record as opposed to worrying about running against another candidate.

Makes me sad for the process that we as residents have to see this happening.

I have run for office in this area, I have friends and acquaintances who have run and are running. I respect that by running you want to offer your time and effort to helping make our communities a better place to live.

In most cases it’s not about the money, most positions offer very little, it’s about giving your time to make the IV a better place to live. It is one of the reasons I choose to live here instead of somewhere else.

Shawn Zavsza, Oglesby

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