My wife Sandy and I were trying to figure out a clever way to start this letter to get people’s attention so they would read it. We came up with a few things but nothing seemed to fit so we decided just to go to the heart of the matter.

Robert, our son, died in a traffic accident on Dec. 17, 1993. He was only 22 years old and that was 25 years ago.

This story is not about his death, which most people do not remember, but about what he did after his death. So our sorrow was someone else’s joy. He was not able to give his vital organs but was able to give bone, skin and corneas so someone else could have a better life.

So if you have not already guessed, this letter is about the importance of organ donation no matter it is skin, bone, corneas or internal organs. Every donation is life-changing for someone.

Organ donation is as vital today as it was 25 years ago. So let your feelings about it be known to family and loved ones so they do not have to think about it when that day comes.

Our daughter, Heidi, age 43, died unexpectedly on April 29, 2016, and she let us know many years ago she wanted to do the same thing her brother did if and when the time came. So it was not a hard decision for us to say ‘yes’ to donate.

She, like her brother, was only able to give skin, bones and corneas but that made someone else’s life better.

So as parents who have lost two children, my wife and I encourage people to become donors. If this letter gets only one person to make that choice to become organ donors, it was worth the time and effort to write this letter.

Sandra and Robert Jeffery, Wyanet

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