Oglesby residents have a big decision to make April 2. A decision that will decide Oglesby’s future.

Mayor Finley has done so much for our town. It is vital to keep moving forward with Finley!

His opponent, Dom Rivara (a commissioner for 8 years) seems nice enough, a good friend/neighbor but can he get things done for Oglesby?

Example: February 2016, Rivera talks about bringing a solar facility to Oglesby. He wants to apply but is unable to tell council what the benefits are. The issue resurfaces in late 2018, with Rivara first claiming the city would benefit from energy credits, then rent, then lower electric costs. In January minutes, the truth came out: There was no financial benefit to residents — only a $100,000 cost.

Then, showing a lack of understanding of the project, Rivara claims at the library forum that the $1.3 million project will go on the tax rolls. No, it won’t. If he’d read the contract, he’d know that.

Finley is not against a solar farm, but there must be a benefit to the city.

Rivara’s against projects that will and have benefited the city, like the canoe landing and Senica Square. Both projects tap into the 3.2 million tourists who come to Starved Rock. The traffic at the Vermilion River was already there, the landing made it safe for parking and unloading, plus it gave Oglesby the opportunity to promote their businesses, services, hotels at the location. Senica Square is the anchor to bring those visitors to our downtown. Businesses grow where people gather.

Rivera voted no to a $135,000 ambulance grant but yet wanted to spend $170,000 on a truck. Finley found a way to get two ambulances and the truck — without going into debt.

Finley eliminated the Early Retirement Incentive, which cost Oglesby millions of dollars and yet, Rivera has promised city workers he will bring it back if elected. Why? That’s not good for the taxpayers, it’s only good for votes!

Oglesby needs to move Forward with Finley and not Reverse with Rivara!

Kathy Knoblauch, Oglesby


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