I would like to share my thoughts with Vickie Richard of Oglesby about Webster Park and the vet clinic. We moved here about 9½ years ago, not thinking this was the Gold Coast, but a nice, safe neighborhood. We have been taking our pet to Ancare for almost four years and the care has been nothing but the best - top notch.

The problem here is "zoning." Changing residential property to commercial property is opening the door to a neighborhood being taken over. Zoning laws are meant to protect all interested parties. Webster Park residents are interested.

I was looking forward to possibly a new strip mall to the east and a new hospital to the north, but they have not happened. If they do, they will be zoned properly, not encroaching on someone's back yard.

Not everyone in Webster Park is opposed to Ancare's expansion, but it does affect our neighborhood.

Also, not everyone's home will meet up to your standards, but we all pay our taxes and we also have a right to what we think is right.

Oh, let's not forget what they say about opinions.

Brad Nielsen

Webster Park, Spring Valley


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