With the passage of the law in New York, and the unimaginable applause at its passage, of the state’s right, or woman’s right to kill her child right up to the due date, and the more recent discussion on the floor of the Virginia Commonwealth of killing a child who has actually been delivered, I wonder if there are any historians at all on the Democrat Left or Progressive movement?

Thousands of years ago the ancient Phoenicians (and other ancient societies) routinely practiced child sacrifice to appease Moloch/Baal. Ironically, this was a type of fertility practice. Children were sacrificed by being burned alive as an offering to ward off weather conditions inhospitable for growing crops (among other reasons for child sacrifice). Moloch, or Baal was a fertility god previously known as Hadad. Sacrificing to Moloch or Baal might get one a life of health and financial prosperity.

Today our Baal is the god of “self.” We routinely sacrifice children through the legal procedure of abortion. All very nice “words” – legal, procedure, abortion… While in reality, these words could more honestly be replaced with immoral operation to murder a child in the womb of his mother. The very first place of our existence is meant to be the safest place for human development. Instead, something north of fifty-million children have had their lives ended by the use of chemicals, dismemberment, or by having their brains suctioned from their tiny skulls, and then incinerated - if their body parts are not being sold. It is an abominable practice!

As recent as a year ago we were told by those Democrats who support abortion that it should remain as a viable option that is safe, legal, and rare. Rare? Really? More than fifty-million rare? Or is there a lesser number they have in mind? And if there is a lesser number, how do we go about getting those lives that have been lost to the god of “self” back?

They identify themselves as being “Progressive” which would typically mean a forward-looking, forward-thinking frame of reference. I find it very odd that these Progressives want to take our society back thousands of years through their adulation of the practice of child sacrifice.

May the God of all have mercy on us if we do not defeat this trend of abortion-on-demand at any cost at any time.

Brian Corrigan, Mendota


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