U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) recently penned an op-ed calling “for an across the board toning down of the rhetoric used in political debates and personal disagreements.”

Kinzinger says “allowing emotions to overrule our ideas can lead to a breakdown in civil society” that will put us on a dangerous path, destroying “America’s foundation and the values [we] hold dear.”

Kinzinger encourages everyone to take responsibility for their missteps and try to do better. His op-ed discusses the need to temper these heated escalations that lead to wishing violence or ill-will on one another, and to strive to restore civility so that the next generation can debate with passion and respect, according to the congressman’s office.

“Where are we as a society when we no longer debate the ideas, and instead wish severe illness and hypothetical death on the loved ones of our colleagues? This is unacceptable, and it’s time we all get a grip,” an excerpt of Kinzinger’s opinion piece reads. “Everyone needs to take responsibility, and recognize our own failings. Our public discourse problem is not about who is more wrong. … What we need is less blame, and more self-reflection. What legacy are we leaving for our children?”

“Remember that the freedoms we enjoy here should never be taken for granted. It’s on each of us to do better individually, and engage by electing leaders who reflect the values of this great nation, who will serve with respect and dignity for the office they hold. Let’s set a better example for our children, and for the rest of the world who looks to America as a beacon of hope and opportunity. We are the greatest country on Earth, and the best gift we can give the next generation is to restore the civility our society so desperately needs.”


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