The kindergarten and second grade classes at Spring Valley Elementary are just about full. At Wednesday’s board meeting, administrators said there were two sections of second grade with 25 students in one and 23 students in the other.

They also said there were three sections of kindergarten with 24, 23, and 22 students.

“This is the highest enrollment we’ve had in kindergarten for a while,” Nauman said.

If a few more students come in, the school may have to look into breaking down into more sections to keep the teacher-to-student ratio in check.

“If we’re going to add a section, there is more research for lower numbers in kindergarten,” Nauman said.

Board member Lindsay Ferrari said she was concerned how this might affect the staff in the future. The school may have to reassess what grades teachers are teaching on a year-to-year basis as these classes climb their respective grade levels.

Superintendent Jim Hermes said it would be monitored moving forward.

“It’s a good problem to have — more enrollment,” he said.

Construction update

Work on the roof on the outside of the original John F. Kennedy building, as well as piping replacement on the inside, is nearly complete.

Hermes said construction crews are just tying up some loose ends before calling it quits for the summer.

“It’s not 100% done. They are working on some punch list items,” he said.

The work is part of a $4.5 million renovation project, which will continue next summer when bathrooms are remodeled in the 1965 building. Hermes also noted in the meetings budget presentation that the school intends to take on the brunt of the costs.

“We are looking to pay that second bond issue on our own so we don’t have to ask the tax payers,” he said.

Budget talk

Hermes gave kudos to the school board for ending the past fiscal year $298,798 in the black. He said the district’s education fund remains healthy and the only account that had some issues was the transportation fund where the board had to transfer money out of working cash to keep in afloat.

Looking forward to next year, the board accepted a tentative budget at Wednesday’s meeting. That budget will be placed on public display with a public hearing set before next months meeting on Sept. 18 where the board will vote to approve it.

Hermes said what was presented is still a work in progress. The district is in between bookkeepers at the moment and had Hall High School’s bookkeeper putting together the budget this summer. Hermes thanked Nickie Pellegrini for her efforts.

But overall, Hermes said the school should be seeing more revenue this year. Local taxes are expected to bring in more money and he said the state is projecting more funding through the new evidence-based funding program.

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