Spring Valley has found some funding to make aesthetic improvements downtown.

At Tuesday night’s finance committee meeting, Mayor Walt Marini said he received word the city will get grant money to make improvements to the bumpouts along St. Paul Street.

“I received a call from (state) Rep. Lance Yednock (D-Ottawa) and we have $150,000 coming,” he said. “That’s for the bumpouts, signage and anything else we can fit in there.”

The bumpouts are the bulbous curb extensions on the corners of the 100 blocks of East and West St. Paul Streets. The council has been looking to make improvements to the landscaping to help improve the downtown’s appearance.

But the city is still unsure on the timeline for when the money will be released and how it will be dispersed. So, further plans are on hold until more information is available.

“We’ll have to wait to hear on that,” Marini said.

Road improvements: The numbers still are not clear, but it looks like Spring Valley may have enough funding to tackle road projects on John Mitchell Avenue and Elm Street.

The city is looking to repave John Mitchell Avenue from St. Paul Street to Dakota Street at an estimated cost of about $165,000, and repave Elm Street from Central Street to Lance Avenue at a cost of about $45,000.

Depending on how much is available, the city could use seal coat on Elm Street as a cheaper option. City engineering representative Mike Richetta said it would be about $27,000 to improve the road with seal coat.


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