A sinkhole on U.S. 6 near the Cornelia Street intersection will require Spring Valley's attention.

City engineering representative Mike Richetta informed the city council the Illinois Department of Transportation was requesting they remedy the issue.

Richetta did not have cost estimates on the project yet, but the timing of the project will work in the city’s favor.

U.S. 6 in Spring Valley is going to be resurfaced this summer so traffic restrictions are going to be in place anyway. If Spring Valley takes care of the sewer work now, they won’t have to worry about road repairs since a fresh layer of asphalt is already on the way.

Public works superintendent Jeff Norton said the road resurfacing project is expected to get underway this month.

Sewer line issues

The council is looking to make repairs to a sewer line near Marquette Road and the city’s west end sewer interceptor. The two options being discussed are pipe lining and pipe bursting.

Pipe lining would install a new liner inside the existing pipe and is the cheaper option. Richetta estimated the cost at around $50,000. Pipe bursting would replace the existing pipe with a large, straight-line pipe, but Richetta said it would likely be about double the cost of the relining technique.


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