Spring Valley wants its money back.

The city has been seeking a refund for aerators installed in the wastewater lagoon and a recent offer from the aerator manufacturer wasn’t enough to entice the city council.

At Tuesday night’s water and sewer committee meeting, the council agreed to seek full reimbursement for the aerators, which were installed in 2016 as part of a pilot study through Aerator Solutions of Roscoe, Ill.

The company installed the aerators in Spring Valley at a discounted cost of $287,000 to see if the product could hold up in below freezing temperatures. The agreement has a three-year warranty.

City employees say the aerators have run into several issues that require maintenance the company has not kept up with.

“I thought with the pilot study they would have been living here trying to make this work,” said alderman Dave Pellegrini.

City officials previously met with representatives from Aerator Solutions to seek a reimbursement. The company offered to install new equipment and give the city $70,000, but the city council agreed to look for new aerator equipment from another company. Now, the council will seek to get its money back, which might not come all at once. Alderman Jeff Janusick said Aerator Solutions representatives said they wouldn’t be able to make a lump sum payment.

“They didn’t say we wouldn’t get our money back. They just said it would take a while,” he said.


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