If you can’t get your equipment in the field, stay above it.

Thursday morning, a helicopter spread beans in Steve Michelini’s fields north of Peru. Michelini said he was able to plant most of his fields, but this practice would finish up planting season in a few more spots where they could not get equipment in due to the heavy rains this spring.

JMX Helicopters, a Princeton company, did the planting. Pilot Jonathan Mabry said they have had a busy spring planting for people due to the never-ending precipitation.

“We’ve done that and a lot of herbicide spraying in the fields,” Mabry said.

The helicopter drops beans from a “helispreader” into the soil where they stick. Then the beans are able to sprout and start to root. Michelini said when using this method of planting, it’s actually beneficial to get more rain to help them grow.

Carlene Ator of La Salle said Michelini contacted her today to let her know a helicopter would plant a field that he usually plants for them. She was keeping an eye out around midday to watch the helicopter at a 2-acre field north of the Catholic War Veterans and east of Route 351.

“That’s going to be exciting. I’ve never see it before,” Ator said.


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