Peru City Council awarded its annual street program paid for from the general fund to Universal Contractor for $607,273.

City Engineer Eric Carls said that the city budgeted for these resurfacing projects.

State fuel tax for this year and next year will go towards the Plank Road and Peoria Street project. The list of streets to be improved includes:

  • Baker Park Avenue. going east toward Pulaski Street.
  • 16th Street going west toward Mall Road and east to Prospect Avenue.
  • Pine Street between Shooting Park Road and 16th Street.
  • 14th Street between Prospect Avenue and Walnut Street.
  • Pulaski Street going North toward 15th Street and south toward 13th Street
  • Independence Drive going north toward 31st Street
  • 31st Street between Independence Drive and east toward Becker drive.
  • 10th Street between Church Street and east toward Green Street
  • Church Street between Market and Main streets.
  • Fulton Street between 6th and 5th streets.
  • 10th Street between Putnam and Grant streets.
  • Calhoun Street between 13th and to 15th streets.
  • 13th Street between Callhoun and Grant streets.

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