Mayor Scott Harl at the city council meeting Monday proposed that new restorations be made to the brick laid on Second Street between and Peoria and Fulton streets.

State Rep. Lance Yednock (D-Ottawa) recently informed the city it was receiving $145,000 in funds for discretionary spending.

An ordinance was passed over a decade ago that requires that the brick cannot be replaced by pavement in that three-block stretch due to the historical significance.

The current bricks will be removed and patches will be filled with new bricks. Additional brick for the restorations will be brought in from outside the city.

Additionally, the mayor asked city engineer Eric Carls to check on the cost of replacing the old water main that runs underneath the street.

Other topics discussed

  • The city approved the relocation of the power lines along Plank Road for construction to be done on Plank Road and North Peoria Street.
  • The city will hold a meeting at the offices of Schain-Banks in Chicago with several of the law firm’s clients, who are developers, to discuss further economic development opportunities in the city of Peru and what the city has to offer.
  • The city approved the use of a 1-year trial of End Dimension Cyber Security Intrusion Detection System in hopes of protecting the city’s power grid.
  • Designs are being drawn up for the construction of a parking lot directly across from city hall along Fourth and Fulton streets.
  • The 2019 General Street Fund Program was awarded, with $607,273.30 being awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, Universal Contractor.
  • Drew Faletti from Blue Collar Bikes was granted permission to hold a toy run through the city of Peru on Oct. 6.
  • Bob Powell was granted permission to hold a block party on Eighth Street between Monks Avenue and Lincoln Avenue Aug. 10.
  • Matt Becker received permission to close half a block of Schuyler Street south of Fourth on July 14.

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