LOSTANT — The Lostant Village Board voted unanimously to accept the low bid of $747,000 from Caldwell Tanks Inc. of Louisville, Ky., to engineer and fabricate a new water tank, to replace the current aging tank that was constructed in 1911.

Total costs for this project, including piping, wiring, painting and tearing down the existing tank are expected to exceed $841,000.

Having received a state grant of $500,000, the costs to the village are estimated at $350,000 which the village board hopes to raise utilizing the services of bonding agency, Bernardi Securities Inc. Village leaders anticipate work on this project to begin this fall, with completion expected sometime next summer.

Walker hired as ordinance inspector

Also Monday, the board made a provision for ensuring enforcement of village ordinances by establishing the position of ordinance violation inspector. This inspector will investigate suspected violations of the village code and issue warnings, notices and citations for violators. Having moved to enact this ordinance, the board also voted unanimously to hire Thomas Walker as ordinance officer, effective immediately. Walker is a community service officer for the city of Streator and will provide services to Lostant on a part time basis.

Having received a complaint about someone burning trash, village president Jack Immel emphasized that burning something other than a wood product is an express violation of the village’s ordinance on open burning.

Other business:

  • Spray patching of streets will begin soon.
  • Fire hydrants will be flushed this month.

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