LOSTANT — The village of Lostant has gotten some attention with recent discussion exploring the prospect of extending sewer and water lines south to Route 18.

In attendance at Monday night’s board meeting were various individuals expressing their interest and support for this project, including area property owners Hank Grothen, Karol Hetrick and Eric and Rhonda Anderson of Marty Chiropractic. Each variously expressed disappointment that past efforts failed to materialize anticipated results.

LOSTANT — Mitch McCaw, village water operator, recommended that Lostant seek to upgrade its high service pumps to variable speed drive models,…

Having contacted North Central Illinois Council of Governments, village president Jack Immel reported that grant money is available for such a project, but only if a turnkey operation intending to employ approximately 30 people actually plans to operate in the area to which the sewer and water lines would extend. Such funding is not available otherwise.

“We cannot take a ‘build it and they will come’ approach’,” Immel said.

Grothen, owner of H & H Builders Inc. of Mendota, expressed a willingness to seek out such interested parties, but only with village board backing, which he received.

Immel added that there are other factors upon which grant eligibility and consideration depend, including whether the village could get enough gas and electric to the prospective area and whether the village sewer system could handle the added volume. Additionally, the village must have engineering plans in hand for consideration of grant money. These are matters the board shall explore going forward.

Board members variously expressed a clear desire to see such plans materialize, yet without placing an undue financial burden on village residents or without seriously straining the village budget.


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