OTTAWA - After more than 10 hours of deliberation, the Ottawa Township High School teachers and school board still are at an impasse.

Both sides broke off talks after midnight this morning and further talks are not scheduled.

The NewsTribune was unable to reach the Ottawa Township High School Education Association for com-ment before 8 a.m. today.

On its Web site, the teachers' union, Illinois Education Association, stated the teachers will meet Saturday afternoon to discuss the latest round of bargaining, and a meeting with the district's parents is being considered for Sunday.

OTHS board chairman George "Skip" Hupp said the board revised its proposal by offering a 1.6 percent increase on the base salary for each year of a 3-year contract.

The board reduced its request for a percentage contribution for insurance from teachers for the difference between the cost of family over single insurance coverage resulting in contribution amounts fixed at $159 per month for insurance year 2009-10, and not to exceed $198 per month for insurance year 2010-11 and $247 per month for insurance year 2011-12.

Hupp said the board also asked for a contribution toward the cost of single insurance of $30 per month for 2009-10, $40 per month for 2010-11, and $50 per month for 2011-12.

The board also offered to delay implementation of both family and single contributions until Jan. 1, 2010, and continued its offer of a Wellness Benefits proposal and its Section 125 Flexible Benefits Plan proposal.

Board members also asked the teachers to return to work on Monday, Oct. 19, under the current contract while negotiations continue or under the board's proposal if it can be ratified by the OTHSEA by Monday. If the board's proposal is ratified by Monday, the board will approve it Monday night. The board will allow the teachers to make up all strike days if the proposal is ratified by the OTHSEA by Monday.

"The teachers failed to agree to this proposal and are refusing to return to work under the current contract while continuing to negotiate," Hupp stated. "The board of education believes this is a viable option to get students back to school on Monday and is disappointed that an agreement could not be reached."

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