Thanks to volunteer efforts, the Granville Habitat For Humanity house has been one of the quickest constructions Michael Knapp, the building director for Habitat For Humanity of La Salle, Bureau and Putnam counties, has worked on.

The house, being built on Filmore Court for Princeton resident Sara Baker and her children, was constructed in three and a half months, Knapp said.

"With Joe (Panier, construction supervisor for the project) and the volunteers, it has made this one of the easiest and fastest builds I've ever done," Knapp said.

The initial goal was to get the family into their home by Christmas. Panier personally was hoping for November.

"That was one of the reasons I came up every day (to the site)," Panier said.

The persistence of the volunteers paid off. It appears the Bakers will be in their home well before Christmas.

"We are hoping for the end of November or sooner," Knapp said.

Once the family moves in, it will send mortgage payments to Habitat until the balance is paid off.

The house couldn't have been erected without cooperation from everyone involved.

"It's a group effort. The city's been great. The volunteer turnout has been wonderful," Knapp said.

Like any volunteer situation, the Habitat project in Granville had a core group. But some people appeared out of nowhere to work on the project, and Knapp called those appearances "lifesaving."

He estimates about 30 different volunteers worked on the project.

"We had companies that would send over groups on a one-time basis," he said.

Churches have been bringing meals for the volunteers and Knapp, and Panier said that was very much appreciated.

The house at 1,064 square feet has three bedrooms, a full basement and a one-car garage.

Normally, Habitat doesn't build garages, Knapp said, but in this case they did it to blend in

with the other houses in the neighborhood.

Knapp is looking forward to the closing ceremony in November for the house, saying they are always emotional events.

"You won't leave here with dry eyes (that day)," he said.

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