Flooding caused by a broken pipe has given students of La Salle's Trinity Catholic Academy an extra day off school.

Like all Catholic schools in the Peoria Diocese, Trinity was closed Friday for a teachers' institute day so it was only by luck that someone entered the building Saturday morning to discover a pipe in a crawl space connected to the school's boiler room had broken during the previous night, covering the lower level of the school in a thin layer of muddy water.

"Actually it's to our advantage that it happened over a long weekend," principal Roy Pesch said.

Along with the teachers' institute, students already had Monday scheduled as a day off for Columbus Day.

This gave Pesch the opportunity to bring in cleaners over the weekend to properly dry and clean the floors of the hallway and what he describes as "the four lightly damaged classrooms."

"When you deal with water you deal with other possible problems, like mold and what not," Pesch said.

Other than a few rugs in one of the classrooms, Pesch said damage was generally minimal.

As of Monday morning, Pesch said the floors were being waxed and he was waiting for plumbers to inspect the broken pipe so water could be turned back on.

The school will remain closed Tuesday to allow teachers with lower floor classrooms to move some materials to alternate rooms.

Classes will resume as normal on Wednesday, although kindergarten, first-, and second-grade classes will temporarily be moved to the Holy Rosary building across the street, where pre-school classes are currently held. Third-grade students are being moved upstairs to the music classroom in the Trinity school building.

Pesch anticipates all classes moving back into their regular classrooms by next Monday.


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