A La Salle resident expressed his frustration with La Salle alderman T. ‘Boo’ Herndon’s “disgusting” house.

Monday night, Jamie Hicks of La Salle spoke during public comment at La Salle’s city council meeting.

“It looks terrible,” Hicks said about one Herndon’s properties. “It is disgusting. And It is a disgrace to your chair up there.”

Hicks, who lives near Herndon’s property at 1523 Zinc St., informed the council that Herndon’s property has no shingles in the middle of the roof and is on his third tarp, which Hicks says must have led to mold by now.

“It’s nice to see you’ve redone all your house this year and everything looks nice,” Herndon responded to Hicks.

Hicks shared with the council that Herndon had before called the police department because Hicks’ car was 12-18 inches from the curb and not being moved, which Hicks said is a waste of taxpayer dollars to have an officer respond to.

The “terrible” residence didn’t happen overnight, Hicks said, explaining he’s lived across from the property for 20 years and seen multiple people rent from the house, even though Herndon never had a permit to rent, Hicks said.

“This is an abuse of your leadership,” Hicks said.

Herndon told the media after the meeting his sister has lived at the Zinc property the past three years and said before his sister lived there he had a rental permit for the house.

He said he has contacted different contractors, and the first one told him they were too busy to get to it due to the rain, but Herndon said contractor Kenneth Henry gave him an estimate of around $10,200 and will get to it when he can due to rainy weather.

Herndon said the tarp has only been on the house for one year, and he was off work at Illinois Cement for 10 months because of medical issues and was unable to work on the house. He said the last time he had work done on the house was siding in 2009, and 15-18 years ago he built the garage.

Hicks said he has contacted Herndon and trustee Jerry Reynolds but got no response, but Herndon said he was never directly contacted by Hicks.

4th Ward alderman Jordan Crane said he appreciates what Hicks does for the ward.

“I want you to call me, when you have a problem, call me,” Crane said, promising he will get back to him.

Reynolds said he doesn’t check his email but encouraged Hicks to call him any time.

‘We’re just forgotten’

Hicks also complained about 1730 Crosat St. and said, “This property owner has made his yard a junkyard and continues to gather more things,” saying the property owner has created a safety concern for others who are driving by.

The council told Hicks at a prior meeting they voted to put up no-parking sides near that location, which they said should get rid of the safety concern.

“We’re just forgotten,” Hicks said about certain parts of La Salle including the 4th Ward, adding that he’s been waiting for road, curb and storm drain work for years near his house but “nothing ever happens.”

Hicks said there are “many houses” in despair in the 4th Ward, and it wouldn’t be that way if these houses were in more of the up-kept places in town, such as near the golf course.

Mayor Jeff Grove said so far seven houses have been taken down, and they’re working down the list.

Grove also told Hicks they can’t have personal attacks in the meetings, and Hicks apologized if it seemed like he was attacking others.

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