The City of La Salle will start looking into the sale of marijuana.

“I’d like to open discussion on a potential new source of revenue for the city,” said alderman Joe Jeppson at Monday’s city council meeting.

He said he feels with recreational marijuana becoming legal soon, the council should look into zoning rules, special permits, licensing and city taxes in regard to recreational marijuana creating new revenue.

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Surrounding local communities are already preparing for the state’s retail operations, such as Peru and Ottawa, Jeppson said.

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in Illinois on Jan. 1.

“It’s a good point alderman, a very good point,” said attorney Jim McPhedran.

McPhedran said he and city clerk Carrie Brown have already done some preliminary work on the topic, and said they can look into the topic further considering it sounds like the council wants to.

The council approved moving the topic to the city’s economic development committee so the consideration of retail sale of marijuana can be further looked into.

In July, Peru city attorney Scott Schweickert said officials were putting together a draft for a future planning and zoning meeting where the sale of cannabis will be more thoroughly discussed and the public may offer comment.

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