GRANVILLE — A village’s police chief also will be working as the supervisor of public works.

Granville police chief Kevin Moore is also now working as the village’s acting supervisor of pubic works.

The village’s mayor Jared Baker said it’s a temporary action that the village will try for a year.

The village’s prior supervisor of public works, Sheli Starkey, still is working for public works as an employee, Baker said.

During the village’s first June board meeting, additional compensation for the supervision of public works street department was approved.

Moore will receive an additional $2 an hour more than what he currently gets for being the police chief, Baker said — about $80 a week more for Moore’s additional services.

Baker said Moore didn’t want any more additional money for taking on the position — Moore just wanted to make sure all the public works duties get completed.

“We wanted to give him more,” Baker said. “We made a compromise.”

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