OTTAWA — The sheriff’s office can get shorthanded during summer, making it necessary to have a “floater” to fill in for vacationing workers. La Salle County agreed to keep that post filled.

Wednesday, the Salary and Labor Committee voted unanimously to let the sheriff’s office hire a clerk with multiple duties, such as record-keeping.

“We’ve had a floater forever as far as I know,” Undersheriff Mike Renner said, noting that when summer comes the staff gets trimmed but the paperwork doesn’t.

Renner further stated the office’s paperwork is significant and time-sensitive. Clerks handle subpoenas and, increasingly, requests filed under the state Freedom of Information Act.

Separately, the committee learned the circuit clerk’s office has saved six figures and counting as veteran clerks are retiring in favor of entry-level workers.

Circuit clerk Greg Vaccaro appeared before the committee to discuss filling a cashier-clerk position, which was approved. Vaccaro said the position was created by a recent retirement and the entry-level newcomer helped him trim $16,000 under the salaries heading. With at least two more retirements looming, six of 34 positions will have turned over.

“We’ve saved $100,000 in payroll, and I’m excited by that,” Vaccaro said.

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