The historic bricks on Euclid Avenue in Princeton are getting trucked away.

PRINCETON — Work has commenced on Euclid Avenue in Princeton after a long and arduous process to get approval from the state to remove bricks that are a glimpse at the past, but a bane to drivers.

A crew from Advanced Asphalt this week was preparing to rebuild a northbound lane. Bricks are being stored by the city and will be used in future beautification projects.

“Despite the rain we’ve had, the Euclid Avenue project is on schedule,” Mayor Joel Quiram said..

“All utility work is complete.

“The east side, northbound lane of Euclid will be replaced first. This work will also include curb and gutter, driveway approaches and sidewalks as well. The east side will take about two months to complete, and then work will begin on the west side, southbound lane. That, too, will take two months or better to finish.”

“We are stockpiling the bricks taken from Euclid on city property.” he continued. “They will eventually be re-purposed. For instance, bricks will be used for a sidewalk at the Owen Lovejoy home.

“We also hope to use bricks at the Darius Miller/Depot area. They will also be used in other city streetscape/landscape projects.

“The state historic office will not allow us to sell the bricks, so we will not be offering them for sale in the future.”


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