Rose Marie Lynch (left standing) was honored Thursday night for her work at IVCC and the Illinois Valley community. 

Illinois Valley Community College honored an acclaimed journalism and English instructor so that her contributions are not forgotten.

The college’s board presented Rose Marie Lynch with a plaque on Thursday night at the monthly board meeting.

Board chairwoman Jane Goetz read Lynch’s long list of accomplishments as well as the words on the plaque.

Lynch was hired by Mary Margaret Weeg in 1970, and Lynch went on to become an award-winning IVCC journalism and English instructor over a 32-year career, the plaque reads.

“As executor of Dr. Weeg’s estate, Rosie skillfully handled the largest gift in IVCC’s history, a $1.2 million bequest. IVCC named its beautifully refurbished auditorium the Dr. Mary Margaret Weeg Cultural Centre in 2017.” the plaque says.

In response to the honor, Lynch said: “I want to thank you, but mostly I want to thank Dr. Mary Margaret Weeg,” Lynch said. “I’m here be-cause in 1970 she hired me and was my friend.”

Lynch explained that Weeg’s family didn’t want to handle the estate, and Weeg had expressly said she didn’t want Lynch to have to handle it because it was too much trouble.

“And I have to tell you for an English teacher to be handling a $1.2 million estate was as she said — ‘too much trouble,'" Lynch said. 

The comment was followed by laughs by those in attendance at the meeting.

“But it is because IVCC was her college that I’m here and it is really Dr. Mary Margaret Weeg who deserves the attention for this bequest. So, I thank you on her behalf,” Lynch said.


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