Earl Grey blueberry jam is an easy summer jam made with fresh blueberries and Earl Grey Tea. The jam comes together will little effort and just a few fresh ingredients.

Usually when selecting a recipe for this column, I go for something I think my family will like.

After all, the point of this experiment of mine is to expand their horizons and get them to try new foods. Sometimes, though, I just have to do one for me. This month I made Earl Grey blueberry jam. I’ve had it pinned for some time now, and just haven’t made it. When my husband and younger daughter came home from the grocery store this weekend with a couple pints of blueberries I figured it was a sign that the time was right.

This is a pectin-free jam, made to be consumed fresh, not canned. It comes together super easily using just blueberries, brewed Early Grey, honey and lemon juice simmered until reduced.

Early Grey is a favorite of mine, it’s a black tea with a delicate bergamot flavor (a citrus for those of you who may not know.) The flavor of the tea and honey compliments the blueberries without overwhelming them. It’s a sweet jam, but not overly so.

My older daughter, who some of you may recall likes about three foods as long as they’re cheese, amazingly liked this. She said she expected it to be tart but was surprised at the sweetness and said she could taste the tea in it.

My husband said it was good, and didn’t expand much beyond that, but as a man of no words, that’s about what I expected.

My little ‘Mikey likes it’ is a fruit purist and doesn’t agree with cooking blueberries. She only eats them straight out of the carton so she refused on principal to try it.

Regardless, I liked it and sometimes, you just gotta do something for yourself. If you’re looking for something to mix up your morning, give this a try.

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