What would "Survivor: Samoa" be without Russell Hantz, 36, of Dayton, Texas? Pretty boring i think.

He really seems to have very little conscience or moral when it comes to playing the game, which he freely admits. "You plant that little seed in their head, in their little brain, and then it grows, and it's called a Russell seed. It takes over their whole mind, so that makes it easy for me to manipulate every single one of them."

But Thursday night, Russell showed he could listen to other members of his tribe. "I don't want them not to trust me," he said.

Voted off: Ben Browning, 28, a bar manager from Los Angeles. Ben thought he was safe because he was the only one who knew about the outdoors and he took care of all of them. Yeah right. He was Ashley's nemesis and he wanted her gone. Jaison tried to convince Russell and Mick at camp to vote Ben off because of his negative attitude. But I think his ship was sunk at tribal council when Jaison called him out about racial remarks he made, specifically about Yasmin when she had visited from Galu tribe. The vote was unanimous.

Who should have gone: Ben was my last week's pick to go. It actually worked. Ben was trying to get rid of Ashley because she never liked him. But his attitude toward the women of the tribe truly was condescending. I'm glad he's gone. And he wasn't really that great in challenges.

Who won immunity? The Galu tribe. Where they started the day doing yoga. "I'm kind of alienated from my tribe," Shambo said. "I'm not in the 90210 clique." She felt the tribe had greater needs, such as getting water and firewood. Who would think? But mostly the Galu are very comfortable having won all challenges.

Reward challengeAfter winning the combined challenge, Galu leader Russell had a choice of keeping the comfort items or taking survival items including a lantern, knifes and other miscellaneous things. He chose to keep the comfort items, much to the chagrin of the males of the tribes. But he said when the women were happy, the tribe would be happy.

"These girls her think this is like Club Med," said Erik Cardona, 28,a bartender from Ontario, Calif. "This is not Club Med."

Funniest line: "This might be the worst group in history and I might be the best," Russell H said. "This is what God made me for." The producers had to be licking their lips when they saw the tape on this guy. Every word was made for a sound bite, and Russell knows it.

Who's booted next: Can Natalie talk? She seems to be just coasting along. I'm not sure there's much in her head. Over at Galu, we spent a little more time with them this week but I still think Shambo will go. She was chosen to go visit with the Foa Foa tribe and receive two clues to the hidden immunity idol. She got along well with this tribe and figured out where the idol should be, but she doesn't know its already been found.

Next time: Russell is starting to get fed up with Jaison. Thinks he complains all the time. Tribes find that a hidden immunity idol is not so easy to find.

Tribe count: Galu - 10, Foa Foa - 6.

Lifestyle editor Cynthia Rolando is a 18-season "Survivor" veteran. Leave me some comments about your "Survivor" thoughts.


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