The sun was shining on the "Survivor" tribes in Samoa. And the bright rays seemed to lift the spirits of tribe Foa Foa. But over at Galu, the troops seem to be getting more paranoid.

"With Russell here we had a 5-4 gender alliance," John said. "With Russell gone it's 4-4." The boys planned on bringing Shambo over to their side, so they decided to make her the new chief. They believe she's too dumb to pick up on what they are trying to do.

"I think Shambo is so dim that she would screw it up if we tell her anything," Dave said.

At Foa Foa, the troops are getting along fine; they do seem to like each other. Is that possible with evil Russell. Although we learned that he has twin girls and that his father was a preacher. I hope that's true, it makes him seem less the hard guy he plays to be.

Of course, it could have just been an act to impress Laura.

And try going online to for video exclusive of scenes and comments you didn't seen on TV. It's pretty cool.

Who went home: Liz Kim, 33, an attorney from New York City. There had been discussion that perhaps Jaison should go due to his poor performance in challenges, especially this week's, but I think Russell didn't think he could trust Liz in the long run and he still had Jaison's trust. So off she went. She was my pick to go this past week. But she was very gracious in her departure, saying that she hoped someone in her tribe would win.

Who should have gone: I'm beginning to think that maybe Monica on the Galu tribe has some hope to hang around longer. But because there seems to be a merge next week, overall I think one of the four Galu boys could go.

Who won immunity? Galu, that also won the reward challenge. Foa Foa has lost more challenges than any other tribe in "Survivor" history. Way too many firsts on this show. Isn't is fun?

Reward challengeIt was like playing Memory again. Tribes had the choice to keep the things they matched or take a point. Galu took their first match of fire-making supplies that came with a tarp but then cruised to a victory. The reward was a sail aboard a "pirate" ship with a hearty beef stew and bread. My favorite new word? "Yummy."

Funniest line: "There's some kind of hex on Foa Foa," said Dr. Mick. "I'm starting to get superstitious."

Who's booted next: Looks like a merge, so everyone's fair game. Should we do ennie, mennie, minnie, moe? Let's pick John.

Next time: There appears to be a merge and everyone is seeking out Russell saying Shambo, Monica or Laura is the one to go home. Maybe Russell still does have a chance to win the million. At least that's what he keeps telling us.

Tribe count: Galu - 8, Foa Foa - 4.

Lifestyle editor Cynthia Rolando is a 19-season "Survivor" veteran. Leave me some comments about your "Survivor" thoughts.

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