I'm having a hard time with the fact that this morning at 7 a.m., they bombed the moon to see if there is water on it. If I understand all the reasoning for such a thing, it is to be able to get water and fuel for our astronauts when they are in space. Is there nothing sacred any more?

However, wasn't it bad enough that we had men walk on the moon, do we now have to "blast" it? It drives me nuts how man is ruining the Earth. I'd also like to know why we are spending all this money when we as a nation are supposedly broke.

It is driving me nuts! Take for instance our own county. Downtown Rockford has beautiful old, strong, good-looking buildings standing empty. That isn't good enough for our county officials to work in, so they are putting up new monster buildings.

Here is a better one. I would like to know what politician sold this to the people. When we drive to Platteville going west on Highway 20 we have noticed that some sort of construction was going on in the middle of nowhere.

"The Farmer" figured out what it was. They are building a "walking path" under the highway so people can walk from Rockford to Freeport. I don't know, maybe it will go all the way to Galena and on to Dubuque. How many people do you think are going to use that path and when they do what will it have cost per person?

We've got schools that need funding but we spend it on paths to go under the highway in the boon docks.

Here is another good one. They bought the old Barnes and Noble store to put in a library and now I believe they are laying off library workers because they can't afford them.

Buildings, libraries, bike paths and Lord knows what else is on the rise and taking the taxpayers money but services like the police, librarians and firefighters are being cut.

My mother use to say, "They are so dumb they don't know how high up is." I wonder what she would say today.

My father used to say, "They are so educated that they can't get past the first page." He would shake his head when he came back from the short courses at the university where he took short courses in ground management for the golf course he ran for practically all of his adult life.

"They are teaching things that we did years ago," he would rant.

Remember a year or two ago, the government was ranting and raving that we were spending way too much money and we need to change our spending habits? Remember that? Now a report comes out that the consumer is saving too much money and we need to spend more.

I wonder "how high up" is?

To heck with it all, I'm too busy to worry about all that garbage, I voted and that is about all I can do unless I pick up a protest sign and march somewhere, but I hate to leave the property. So what good will it do if Mandy Dog and I march around our acreage carrying a sign of protest? My mother would have said in Italian that only one who would see you was "e gat" which she explained was "the cat," then she would laugh, wave and go back to her stove. She was a funny lady.

Those were the good old days when people looked at the moon lovingly never thinking anybody would be so radical as to bomb the thing. What if someone is living up there that we don't know about? What if blasting it sends waves of anger through the universe?

I've got to go, I have more to worry about than some people who have nothing better to do than bomb the moon. I got our sweet potatoes dug and washed and now I have to get them put away for the winter. My Uncle Raymond got us interested in growing sweet potatoes this year and are they ever good, and some are honk'n big. I boil them in water instead of baking or microwaving because when they are boiled the skins come off easy and all the fiber is left.

"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore." Remember when Dean Martin always sang that song? Well be careful looking up at the moon from now on, what hits your eye may not be "amore." Ciao!


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