Oglesby’s BB gun club brought its AA game Saturday.

The top six shooters from Oglesby’s club beat out Peru BB gun club’s best shooters in the annual inter-city shootout by a score of 1,735-1,717 in the basement of Oglesby City Hall. The victory entitles Oglesby to the Illinois Valley BB Gun Club Champions trophy, which is topped by a bald eagle.

Oglesby now has prevailed in every shoot-off between the two cities’ clubs since 2013. One year in that span was skipped because of scheduling conflict.

Peru’s six shooters were Jessica Waddell, Grace Scolari, Paige Kraml, Colin Rose, Alex Pozzi and Colton Buck. Alternates were Ty Scolari, Tucker Scolari, Emily Eitutis and Hannah Zera.

Bob Sczepaniak, club organizer for Peru, said having so many female sharpshooters is fairly common, in his experience.

Oglesby’s shooters were Dalton Znaniecki, Makenzee Koehl, Greg Williams, Gage Starkey, Joey Shepard and Matt Beard.

“The BB gun club gives me something to do,” Dalton said before joking, “I do it for the fans.”

Each shooter took 10 shots per round at a target, and the teams took turns shooting for three rounds. After the clicking, popping and paper tearing of 180 shots was over, only 18 points separated the two teams.

Oglesby won the first round, Peru outshot them in the second, but Oglesby won the third round to secure the narrow victory.

Some of the top shooters from each team were given $10 gift cards for area restaurants, and all of the youths present had pizza after the results were announced.

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