OTTAWA — La Salle County clerk’s office was in charge of collecting school board candidates’ petitions, and provided a listing of all of those seeking election to school boards on April 2.

La Salle Elementary

Brad Washkowiak of 846 Marquette St., La Salle

Amy Luth of 930 7th St., La Salle

Justin Hicks of 823 7th St., La Salle

Mallory Ploch of 2220 Malcolm Ave., La Salle

Joshua Ossola of 101 8th St., La Salle

Charles D. Faletti of 935 Marquette St., La Salle

Peru Elementary

Simon P. Kampwerth Jr. of 1209 Rock St., Peru

Austin Taylor of 1414 Centennial Road, Peru

Robert J. Ankiewicz Jr. of 1916 10th St., Peru

Oglesby Elementary

Scott Pescetto of 643 Bennett Ave., Oglesby

Laura Hein of 828 Jones Ave., Oglesby

Robert Mullane of 341 W. Porter St., Oglesby

Michael Barrie of 108 Scott Ave., Oglesby

Dimmick C.C.S.C.

Gina Mudge of 3502 E. 5th Road, La Salle ... Michelle Rich of 3568 Route 251, La Salle

Joshua D. Turigliatti of 3486 E. 449th Road, La Salle

Waltham C.C.S.D.

Brian Shofner of 309 E. Church St., Utica

Kathy Jereb of 807 Burgess Drive, Utica

La Salle-Peru High School

Robert (Bob) Morrison of 539 N. Kenosha Ave., Oglesby

Gregory (Greg) Sarver of 1515 N. Joliet St., La Salle

Sally A. Hocking Taliani of 29 Victoria Drive, La Salle

Tony Sparks of 510 15th St., Peru

Gary Ferrari of 445 Swift Ave., Oglesby

Wayne Temple of 3273 E. 3rd Road, La Salle


Julie L. Goff Rietgraf Zimmer of 112 Ray Richardson Road, Tonica

Chad E. Lambert of 654 N. 2050th Road, Tonica

Allen Leffelman of 2133 E. 879th Road, Tonica

Deer Park

Lisa Kerestes of 1016 N. 2150th Road, Oglesby

Alexander Joseph Pond of 935 N. 2150th Road, Oglesby


Quillard J. Skinner of 913 N. 12th Road, Streator

Mendota C.C.S.D.

Larry B. Sheaves of 1014 Michigan St., Mendota

Angela Eisenberg 505 13th Ave., Mendota

Theresa Komitas of 2795 Cottage Hill Road, Compton

Mendota High

Matt Hanaman of 4212 Meridian Road, Mendota


Barbara Meloy of 1420 E. U.S. 34, Earlville

Angela L. Koontz of 4471 E. 1675th Road, Earlville

Adam Browder of 325 Church St., Earlville

Jennifer Smith of 4143 E. 12th Road, Earlville

Grand Ridge

Mary Domoleczny of 2645 E. 2350th Road, Marseilles

George A. Lukach of 1448 N. 17th Road, Streator

Streator Elementary

Michael Holcomb of 119 W. Washington St., Streator

Jason Robart of 807 Laura Ave., Streator

Wallace C.C.S.D.

Richard Mangold of 2912 E. 14th Road, Ottawa

Vince Evola of 1479 N. 2969th Road, Ottawa

John T. Armstrong of 2609 Lainey Ave., Ottawa

Allen-Otter Creek

Heidi Daugherity of 1453 E. 22nd Road, Streator

Ottawa Elementary

Brenden R. Donahue of 1201 Tower Drive, Ottawa

Mary R. Ganiere of 1319 W. Lafayette St., Ottawa

Stephen Omolecki of 526 Congress St., Ottawa

Marseilles Elementary

Cherise Bologna-Byone of 471 W. Bluff St., Marseilles

Marc Anthony Stanek of 1319 W. Lafayette St., Ottawa

Jim Barnes of 398 Illinois St., Marseilles

Seneca C.C.S.D.

George F. Lamboley Jr. of 119 Valley View Drive, Seneca

Eric Stein of 670 Daisy Court, Seneca

Brent Sulzberger of 925 S. Bennett Road, Verona

Tracy L. Justice of 216 Valley View Drive, Seneca

Matthew Thomas Peterson of 2874 N. 2553rd Road, Marseilles

Christopher J. Maier of 315 Cash St., Seneca

Miller School

John Henry Atchley of 2865 E. 2539th Road, Marseilles

Mark Long of 1050 Rutland St., Marseilles

Michael Straith of 1115 Bratton St., Marseilles

Rutland C.C.S.D.

Linda Backos of 3275 E. 2153rd Road, Ottawa

Samantha Munks-Folty 2207 N. 2829th Road, Marseilles

Jason Hermann of 3323 E. 2153rd Road, Ottawa

Justine Mucci of 2923 E. 1979th Road, Marseilles

Streator High

Steven Biroschik of 1613 Shaft St., Streator

Earl E. Woelte of 25 Boys Road, Streator

Mike Mast of 1 Memory Lane, Streator

Richard (Hank) H. Tutoky of 209 W. 2nd St., Streator

Gregory M. Dean of 616 Little St., Streator

Eric Hoffmeyer of 1516 E. Elm St., Streator

Ottawa Township High School

Roger Amm of 413 Congress St., Ottawa

John Levy of 821 Thornberry Drive, Ottawa

Sarah Makeever-Shumway of 804 Jeremiah Lane, Ottawa

Paul M. Johnson of 720 Pearl St., Ottawa

Katie Troccoli of 1911 Champlain St., Ottawa

Russell Edmon of 1107 Illinois Ave., Ottawa

Andree-Marie Koban of 832 Valley View Drive, Ottawa

Seneca High School

Ronald E. Frye of 2857 N 20th Road, Seneca

Sara Ellis Olson of 620 Logue Circle, Seneca

Richard Hamilton of 2868 N. 2350th Road, Seneca

Jason Eltrevoog of 321 Tautz St., Seneca


Claire Anderson of 8578 Suydam Road, Leland

Sara Gunderson-Miller of 4386 E. 21st Road, Leland

Brad Riskedal of 1997 N. 43rd Road, Leland

Heather Wesson of 465 Feather Lane, Leland


Joseph H. Cantlin of 1306 N. 39th Road, Earlville

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