OTTAWA — Was your Social Security number and information stolen or compromised by a data breach of the Equifax Credit Bureau?

With the recent breach — affecting an estimated 100 million Americans — La Salle County officials issued a press release on how to protect yourself.

“Concerns have arisen regarding the security of personal information and how such a breach could result in fraudulent attacks on legitimate real estate ownership through the recording of fraudulent real estate documents,” Karen Miller, La Salle County Recorder, said in a press release Wednesday afternoon.

Members of the public can register for Property Fraud Alert, which is a free service that provides notification, to those registered, of documents being recorded in their name.

“If the recorded document is fraudulent, the Recorder’s Office and law enforcement authorities can be contacted before it’s too late,” Miller said.

To register, go to

The service is provided by Fidlar Technologies, based in Davenport, Iowa.

“According to the FBI, property and mortgage fraud is the fastest growing white-collar crime in the United States. Such a crime could result in the loss of your most valuable investment and leave you homeless,” Miller wrote.

More information is at

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