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Letters to the Editor

The President Trump derangement syndrome continues

The Democrats, liberal America and the biased liberal news media (MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS) have been trying to get President Trump out of office for 2 years now. They all thought the Mueller investigation (accurately categorized as a witch hunt) would finally achieve this Mueller found nothing but they will not believe his report. There has to be collusion.

I never watch the liars on any of the biased channels but tuned in to MSNBC and watched Maddow almost in tears. That was a good laugh. Then Mueller gives them some hope by listing 10 possible obstruction incidents but could not prove intent on any of them and will leave it up to Congress. AG Bill Barr already said there is nothing to these allegations so now he is accused of protecting Mr. Trump. Time to stop this nonsense and get on with doing your congressional duties.

However we have Reps Nadler, Schiff and Swalwell who insist President Trump colluded with Russia and is a Russian agent. Even went so far as to accuse Mr. Trump of treason because he did not release every word spoken between him and Mr. Putin in the two-hour meeting they had. Treason because of a meeting? Must impeach Trump! He is a threat to America etc. Now Rep. Swalwell wants Trump’s financial records and tax returns because he is afraid Putin might try to blackmail him. Are you serious? They are all delusional.

Now we have Ocasio Cortez who is not very bright but has garnered all of the oxygen out of the Socialist Democratic Party. She wants her new “green deal” but when asked how it will be paid for she immediately invokes higher taxes. She goes on to say “what difference does it really make who pays for it’ because if we do not do something now the earth will not exist in 12 years.” Her latest one is about President Trump and the wall and how walls are immoral and do not work. She goes on to say just look at how the Berlin wall did not work. Excuse me, but the Berlin wall was built by a socialist regime (something she wants) to keep people in, not out.

President Trump is doing a wonderful job of correcting things that Obama messed up and the Democrats cannot stand it. They want big government and have a socialist agenda but now have nothing to run on because President Trump’s MAGA agenda is working so well despite Democrat obstruction. Now AG Bill Barr will try to get to the truth of why the Mueller investigation started. He is going to start with the phony Steele dossier which the Dems and Hillary Clinton paid for. Maybe some liberal heads will roll for a change.

During all the anti-Trump rallies there were hundreds of ‘Love Trumps Hate’ placards. Looks like hyprocrisy here ... it is the left who are waving these signs that are filled with hate.

William Kozma, Hennepin

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